American Bureau of Investigation, Inc.
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American Bureau of Investigation, Inc. is a private investigative company specializing in employment screenings, background checks, person locates and domestic research. Founded in 1961, we provide services to agencies and individuals nationwide with quick response times and thorough, accurate information. We live up to our motto, "Open to Discovery", often finding little known facts/additional information. Our investigators have the skill and experience to follow the path to completion. We look forward to exceeding your expectations when you allow us to show you why you should choose American Bureau of Investigation, Inc. to get the information you need.

Services Provided

Document Retrieval
Research and retrieval of case files from justice courts, superior courts and the U.S. District Court. Results obtained aid attorneys, investigators, and insurance firms when determining the necessity in future action.
Criminal/Civil Motor Vehicle
A nationwide search of current and historical vehicle ownership to help make informed decision used in legal proceedings.
Conducted nationwide, this search provides an individual’s financial status to substantiate an applicant’s credibility.
Background Investigations
Impart discoveries of a person and/or business involvements to assist in future decisions.
Employment Screening
Specific information provided to employers to help in making hiring decisions.
Facebook Identification
Important in aiding in finding persons for legal cases as well as birth fathers, where little information is available.
Observe an individual(s) activities that may uncover deceptive behaviors for relationships or business interests.
Missing Persons Investigations/Locate
Provide a person’s current status to people who may have lost contact.
Pre-tenant Screenings
Obtain a credit report (only), with signatory approval, to reduce risk of financial losses in renting or leasing to an individual.
Property, Persons and Businesses Computer Checks
Used in most investigations to aid in confirming data or identifying new leads to enhance a case.
Company & Individual Credit History
Identify assets to determine integrity in conducting business with many government or business agencies.
Skip Tracing
Locate person(s) that may be hiding due to outstanding debt or judgements.
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I have worked with ... the owner of American Bureau for three decades and have found her company and her to be honest, reliable, and dependable. They always have time to listen to what is needed and if they can't provide the needed service they will know someone who can.

- Frank Lined

Even though a potential employee had a great looking resume and glowing recommendations, American Bureau's background investigation on this guy saved us from hiring a deviant that would have destroyed our company.

- Patti Trisha

I had been searching for my birth mother for years and had employed two other agencies without any success or results and this had been at a rather large expense of money and mental anguish. I made one call to Lee ... at American Bureau of Investigations and after a very short period of time I was given the information I had been searching for years for. I would recommend Lee to anyone who needs this type of service. She has proven to be honest, fair and hard working in my dealings with her. Thanks Lee I can never thank you enough!

- phxcstack

I have worked with The American Bureau for many years and have been very satisfied with everything they have done. Lee ... the owner is fair and honest and if she can't help you she will know someone that will.

- Google User